About Us


Excitron Partners is a boutique Venture Capital & Private Equity firm based out of Hong Kong, with bespoke team of international leaderships and experts operating across Greater China and Israel for delivering insightful opportunities to a range of investors while nurturing innovative and disruptive future stars. At Excitron Partners we bring ultimate values in synergizing the investors for jointly uncovering the next-age industry disruptors founded by pioneering talents.

Excitron Partners manages both in-house and 3rd party VC/PE funds with a dedicated focus in bringing innovative technologies and cross-border expertise to the global marketplace while putting a heavy emphasis in intellectual properties, talents and the ultimate values that can be brought to the markets, customers, stakeholders and environment as a whole. One of our Co-Founder have managed funds for Conglomerate of Asia Based Ventures in North America. With his previous Fund Management Company, one of their biggest achievements was to double the funds size. He also excel in his own portfolio which has several Asian and western unicorn in the Tech, Transportation and Consumer Area.

Getting excited can kick a persons energy to a higher level. At the nanoscale, strange almost-particles called excitons do the same trick. In a crystal, thin film or even some liquids, an incoming particle of light can slam into an electron, bumping it to a higher energy level and leaving a hole at the energy level where the particle had been. The exciton is the excited electron paired with the resulting hole and can move energy in two ways: by physically hopping to a new molecule or transferring energy almost like an antenna transmitting a signal. Either way, the movement is quick, with the longest-lasting exciton existing for just a few milliseconds. 

  Ashley Yeager@sciencenews.org

Our management and advisory team comprises of global industry and corporate executives from fund management, finance, consulting, energy, electric vehicle, battery, telecommunication, media, semiconductor etc; together with extensive Global network of partners. In addition, our sister advisory firm offers strategic planning, financial, marketing, product, design and business services for clients that are positioning to enter the global marketplace which includes our recent and current program for bringing the Asian, top-notch American electric vehicle players and government offices together for potential collaboration in technology exchange, licensing, joint development and long term cooperation.

As a whole, we would like to be the pioneer for bringing synergy to the market and partners for decade long development while bringing a collaborated paradigm to the mankind.