Excitron Gear


Excitron Partners is a boutique Venture Capital & Private Equity firm based out of Hong Kong, with bespoke team of international leaderships and experts operating across Greater China and Israel for delivering insightful opportunities to a range of investors while nurturing innovative and disruptive future stars. At Excitron Partners we bring ultimate values in synergizing the investors for jointly uncovering the next-age industry disruptors founded by pioneering talents.

We, at Excitron Partners will be Building a network of Accelerator to excel our Investees and build strong Startups who are going to serve as part of our future portfolio for our next Cross Border Funds.

As a forward-looking company we welcome the opportunity to work with like minded companies, organizations and universities on partnerships.  Our years of extensive experience allows us to work diligently and create mutual prosperity for our partners.

If you would like to know about becoming our accelerator partner, please contact us at accelerator@excitronpartners.com.