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Hi there! I’m Investor, aspiring guy by day, and this is why I am LP with Excitron Partners. I live in Los Angeles, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

We at Excitron Partners are committed to Create value for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Community without to lose focus of maximising Value and profitability of our Funds and the funds under Management by our  Fund Management Team on behalf our clients (3rd Party Funds). Our dedicated teams in HK and our Global Team in Israel Europe and the North America have one in mind bring the most disruptive and Innovative startups and M&A deals to our Funds, with that in mind we have an age advantage on our competitors in the region.

Please checkout our Fund section to see that we are topping many of our competitors in the region when it comes to M&A deals and investment Deals pipeline.

Opportunity Ahead

Nowadays, not only the traditional industries are being disrupted but the investment paradigm is shifting and needs reengineering. Do you rather choose staying in the forefront or risk to be left out? Excitron Partners is here to create a blue ocean through our exceptional portfolio in bringing escalated return on investment for venture asset class of visionary investors.

Selected Track Records

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