Excitron Partners have established his first Fund Infinite I which is

a cross boarder US$50M TMT fund and it’s US$300M M&A fund on 6/2016

Mix portfolio with asian and western to disruptive startups from the top innovative countries in west and east.

excitron leading talks with Huawei on potential partnership 11/2016

upcoming talks with strategic partners on 11/28 and 11/30


Excitron Partner will Attend MOX Batch #2 Demo Day in Taipei on 3/7/2017   Our Co-founder/Chairman Dr. Lee will take part in this event upon personal invitation by William Bao bean Co-founder of MOX Taiwan.

MileStone MOU agreement has been signed between Excitron Partners and  Our china Based Partners on 2/18/2017.

We have sign two additional MOU with Investments Partner and Drone related Association in June, at same month we attend also ASX(australian stock exchange) meeting by invitation, Qatar Investment Forum both in HK and 11th korean Institutional investment forum was attended by our CEO.