At Excitron Partners, we strive to bring excitements to the entrepreneurs, investors, strategic partners, stakeholders & environment through swift, pioneering execution and exits yet with lasting value creations.


Excitron Partners treasure the ultimate values realization of investees for bringing unique propositions in uplifting cutting-edge technologies, disruptive business models and benefit advancements to human and environment at large. In implementation, we look to foster the outstanding entrepreneurial teams through smart investment, unequal resources and synergy in strengthening them for leading and bringing unique solutions around the globe.


Embedded within the founders and team members, our belief is to inspire the visionary ones with our combined 70+ years of professional and entrepreneurial DNA together with our collective success and failure mindsets and insights throughout our journey of engagement with investees. We believe in innovations, we cherish creativity, we love nurturing ambitious individuals and we value the uniqueness of each team we are working with. Our humbleness and respectfulness are the secret sauce for our specialty.

Investment Guidelines

At Excitron Partners our investment focus is on seed, early stage and A-Round, we look into top disruptive companies around the world and bridging the gap between east and west.

Investment Criteria

Our investment area includes North & Southeast Asian, Greater China region, European and North-South America startups that have the potential to be active on a global level. Not only do we provide these companies with funding, but we also provide management advice, develop action plans, support in hiring personnel and much more.

Investment Scale

We seek to invest around USD $500k to $10 million per company in the west and USD $300k to $2 million per company in North & Southeast Asia and greater China, as an initial investment. These investments are mostly at pre-Series A and Series A stage. We also participate in follow-up rounds with our portfolio companies.  We seek M&A deals in the scale starting at US$10M and go to US$800M+, please be advised that we will look into US$1B deals in exceptional situations if the company has unique values.