Tech Fund

  • Excitron Partners brings unique value to its investors and strategic partners by unlocking the synergies among our in-house and 3rd party VC/PE funds, which utilize a collaborative platform model in fostering innovative technologies, uncovering the hidden intrinsic value of assets, and facilitating cross-regional expertise, for the global marketplace. We place prime emphasis on intellectual properties, key talent, disruptive insights, and the ultimate value that can be brought to the market, to customers, to stakeholders and to the overall business environment.
  • As the exclusive deal source for our VC/PE funds, Excitron Partners is leading the way with its grand vision of building the global Excitron Incubation Network, which will span 16 locations around the world. This unique network and ecosystem will be exceptional in its ability to nurture regional and transnational researchers and entrepreneurs with the vision to bring disruptive technologies and forward-looking business models to the global marketplace, which will have the effect of transforming and uplifting traditional assets and businesses, with a special focus on emerging industries of the coming several decades. This translates into exclusive investment opportunities for our VC/PE funds as they participate in the birth of unicorns/global players.
  • Overall, Excitron Partners strives to be a pioneer and an enabler in bringing synergy to the market and partnering for long-term development while offering a collaborative paradigm that will advance humanity into the coming decades.



Fund Size: US$50M (Open for LP’s)


TMT Fund

We have identified 12 hot TMT Targets for our Fund, Our Portfolio image show our Target Companies: