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About the Use of this Website

This website (, hereinafter “the Website”) is owned and operated by Excitron Partners Management Limited, a Hong Kong registered company (hereinafter “the Company”). Please be advised of the following site policies before using the Website.


Copyright and Trademarks

The Company retains copyright in all content on the Website (including text, photographs and illustrations). Except in cases approved by law, such as certain kinds of private use, unauthorized reproduction, use, sale, or public distribution of the content is prohibited. The Company retains the rights to each individual trademark, logo and trade name on the Website, and no person shall be permitted to use them without the Company’s approval, except in the scope approved by law.


General Disclaimer

The Company shall not be liable for any problems, losses or damages arising from decisions made based on information displayed on the Website.

Part or all of the information published on the Website may be changed or suspended without prior notice.

Furthermore, the Website’s operation may be discontinued without prior notice. Please be advised that the Company shall not be liable for any problems, losses or damages resulting from the use or non-use of information on the Website.


Handling of Personal Information

The Company recognizes the importance of personal information and endeavors to protect personal information through establishment and execution of its Privacy Policy.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Hong Kong District Court of  Hong Kong shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the use of the Website.

Any disputes arising from the use of the website shall be governed by, construed and interpreted under the laws of Hong Kong, unless otherwise stipulated.


Links to the Website

Links or banners on the Website may direct the user to other sites. These other sites are not operated by the Company. Consequently, please be advised that the Company not be liable for any problems, losses or damages resulting from the content of these sites.

In principle, this website may be linked to freely. However, the Company rejects any links from websites falling into the following categories:

  • Links from websites that libel or cast aspersions on the company or its executives, employees, services or products
  • Links from websites that contain illegal information
  • Links from websites that offend public order and decency
  • Links from profit-oriented websites (except where permitted by the Company)
  • Links from websites that load the Website into an independent frame, or otherwise obscure the fact that the information provided is from the Website



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